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How Round Mirrors Improve Warehouse Safety Conditions

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May, 2021

At Warehouse Safety Solutions we supply a wide range of purpose-built safety products designed to improve warehouse, worksite, personnel and pedestrian safety.
If you have been looking for bollards, tactiles and nosing, car parking equipment, and safety rails Sydney, safety rails Melbourne, safety rails Brisbane, or beyond, then you are in the right place.
On top of our exceptional safety product range, we also offer fully independent Safety Audits and pallet rack inspections to ensure that your workplace is free from risky and costly OH&S issues.
There are so many fantastic products and services available at WSS that ensure that your workplace is meeting OH&S standards, but in this blog, we are going to talk about one of the best known safety solutions around: round mirrors.

What Are Round And Convex Safety Mirrors?

Also called “fish eye mirrors” (due to the goldfish eyeball effects) these spherical mirrors bulge out and reflect the peripheral environment. Drivers and workers use round and convex mirrors to see around a corner and avoid accidents.

How Do Round And Convex Safety Mirrors Help Prevent Collisions?

Safety mirrors give pedestrians and drivers a broader span of vision, which helps them overcome blind spots and see around corners.
Accidents are much more common at intersections and corners than on straight stretches of road simply because sharp angles and corners make it harder to see what’s ahead or coming from either side.
Safety mirrors are required when pedestrians and personnel need to to see across large horizontal distances. These mirrors can provide vision up to 180 degrees, but they must be expertly positioned and placed at an angle to give the best visibility.

What Different Types Of Round And Convex Safety Mirrors Are Available?

Safety mirrors are made from polycarbonate or acrylic, and come in various types, sizes and shapes. Our range includes:

Indoor Safety Mirrors

Indoor convex mirrors provide visibility around blind spots in warehouses and other high traffic areas like car parks and hospitals. They are designed to reflect areas of the space that would not otherwise be visible.

Outdoor Safety Mirrors

Our outdoor round and convex safety mirrors are built for tough outdoor weather conditions. You can use our weatherproof outdoor mirrors for security and surveillance or to increase visibility and reduce accidents.
Within the warehouse, these mirrors can help employees see approaching vehicles around corners and blind spots.

Wall Mounted Safety Mirrors

Wall mounted safety mirrors are affixed to a wall and used to monitor pedestrian traffic in interleading aisles and corridors. They provide all-angle viewing and are especially useful for security personnel.

Mirror Posts

Mirror posts are mounted on galvanised steel posts with a base plate to suit most applications. They are freestanding, moveable and come with a top cap and four fixing holes for strength.
We offer a variety of safety mirrors, ranging from 450mm to 1000mm. They are available with or without a visor at the top.

What Are Some Of The Best Applications For Round And Convex Safety Mirrors?

They are used in a number of applications for round and convex safety mirrors, but the most common include: 

  • Car parks where there are blind turns 
  • In low visibility warehouses and worksites
  • On roads, especially near corners and intersections
  • As attachments on vehicles to help the driver see their blind spot
  • Around and inside stores to prevent break-ins and thefts

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