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How Safe is Your Elevated Walkway?

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Mar, 2022

Employee safety is critical, on all levels. 

Improving worker conditions should be a top priority for your business, especially for those staff who are working off the ground. No one plans to fall, but unfortunately, it happens. According to Safework Australia, falls from a height accounted for a shocking 13% of worker fatalities (122 fatalities) between 2015-2019. Not to mention broken ribs, arms, legs and backs – this is the sad reality for many who work in an elevated environment. 

Good thing is, it’s avoidable.

In this blog, we’ll explore ways in which WSS can help you ensure that all your elevated walkways and workspaces are as safe as possible. 

What Can You Do?

There are many ways in which you can ensure that your employees are safe when accessing any elevated walkways on site. 


The first thing to tick off your checklist is to ensure that there is sufficient access to stairs and that the appropriate handrails are installed. Dependable and effective safety barriers, like MSS Mezzanine Safety Gates and ARMCO Railing Barriers, are an absolute must to keep your employees off the ground, safely. The galvanised components provide a unique strength, whilst rails can be powder coated to increase visibility.  

You should also consider whether your railing is compatible with pallet access gates.

Pallet Access Gates

When it comes to pallet access gates, we highly recommend installing Roll Over Gates. They are easily installed, sturdy, and have an incredibly smooth action. Not only that, but MSS Roll Over Gates allow for pallets to be easily moved in and out of mezzanine floors whilst keeping your staff and stock safe.

Kick Rails

To make your elevated walkway safer, we also highly recommend installing kick rails. They provide ankle height protection and help absorb impacts on both the railing and posts. Not only that, but kick rails also help prevent items from falling over the edge and potentially harming someone standing below. 

Tactiles And Nosings On Stairs

Avoid potential danger and ensure that your workplace is safe for people with diverse needs by installing tactiles and nosings on stairs. Tactiles are designed specifically as danger warnings for foot traffic, whilst nosing on stairs are ideal for reducing the risk of falling on exposed stair ways and high traffic areas. 

Get In Touch With Our Team Today

An accident-free workspace can be achieved without compromising productivity. In fact, a safer work environment is known to improve efficiency as it lifts morale among employees and reduces the need to cover medical bills or compensation. 

Our team at WSS is dedicated to helping you make your workplace, including your elevated walkways, safer. Get in contact with us today at 9720 3675 or visit our website.

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