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Must-Haves in Your Warehouse Safety Plan

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Warehouse safety plan
Jun, 2022

Warehouses can be the centre of a business’ productivity, but they’re as good as useless if they’re unsafe for the staff keeping them running. That’s why a warehouse safety plan should be the first thing you install into any warehouse. 

There are a few steps to setting up such a plan, including identifying hazards, providing equipment and signage, and installing barriers. It can be a confronting process. That’s why Warehouse Safety Solutions is passionate about keeping safety a priority on each warehouse and mezzanine floor Sydney and Melbourne-wide.

Consider the points below as you develop your warehouse safety plan and make sure to get in touch with us if you have any further questions.


Assess The Situation

First things first: think critically about your space, how it will be used and the various obstacles and factors that will be a part of your warehouse. 

This will include barriers, shelving, speedbumps, signage, and vehicles such as forklifts or utes.

Only once you understand all the potential dangers involved can you prepare a list of ways to mitigate or remove these hazards. 

This will need to be an ongoing process as your warehouse evolves and new obstacles come into play. 


Clear Pathways

Your chance of a safety incident will be drastically reduced by simply removing obstacles and tripping hazards, forming clear paths throughout the floor plan. Straight and roomy aisles will make it as easy as possible for vehicles to manoeuvre – a fine balancing act as you try and squeeze as many shelves into your space. 

Removing tripping hazards such as messy stock will also be important, especially on mezzanine floors where more dangerous falls are possible.

Proper PPE

The availability of personal protective equipment (PPE) isn’t only highly recommended, it’s strongly regulated by Safe Work Australia. 

The Model Safe Work Health & Safety Act says that any person conducting a business must provide PPE if they need it, unless the PPE has been provided by another party.

If applicable, this includes helmets, gloves, protective eyewear, hi-vis clothing and earplugs.

Make sure this is high on your list of warehouse safety provisions and that there is ample space to store the PPE when it’s not in use. 


Safety Signage

There are plenty of safety signage suppliers around with custom options to suit any safety scenario you can find. 

We can consult with you to assess your safety signage requirements and supply a range of options. There are also custom safety signage suppliers aplenty who can satisfy your more niche signage needs. 

These signs can include warnings about trip and slip hazards, vehicle speed signs, or even hygiene safety. 


Inspection & Training

To make sure everything is running smoothly throughout the year, make sure to organise regular training and equipment inspections.

Forklift safety training is an important undertaking as poor forklift operation can lead to incidents and injury.

Use this opportunity to train staff on proper manual handling such as lifting, moving and twisting – improper technique in this area can also lead to injury. 

To inspect your pallets and shelving, we recommend hiring a professional – likely the one who supplied and installed them. It’s also recommended to have your staff well versed in detecting faults that could cause injury. 


Get In Touch To Learn More

If this blog hasn’t filled all the gaps for you, let us know how we can help to develop a comprehensive warehouse safety plan for your business. 

Our team at WSS is committed to helping you make your workplace safer and more efficient. We would love to help with all your shelving, racking, or mezzanine safety queries. Get in contact with us today at 9720 3675 or visit our website!


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