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Proximity Sensors and Gates: Taking Warehouse Safety to the Next Level

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Sep, 2023

At Warehouse Safety Solutions, we stock a wide range of crowd control barriers, car park safety devices, bollards, and more. We even offer a warehouse traffic management plan! Victoria’s warehouses have a range of safety solutions at their disposal!

However, all warehouses are different, with their own needs. Sometimes we know that your safety solution will be a bit more advanced than the norm, and that’s why we proudly provide a range of additional safety services in addition to our main range.

Our additional services include everything from concrete grinding and building maintenance to silica dust management plans.

In this blog, we’ll be looking at two of them—proximity sensors and automated gates. If you want to take your warehouse safety to the next level by utilising some innovative technology, proximity sensors could be the perfect safety solution for your warehouse!

Proximity Sensors

Cutting-edge proximity sensors can revolutionise warehouse safety. Proximity sensors offer unparalleled real-time object and personnel detection within their designated range, sounding a warning and stopping accidents before they happen.

Proximity sensors are especially effective in busy work environments that have a lot of forklift and vehicle traffic. When attached to a forklift, these sensors adeptly identify objects in an operator’s line of sight—think turning corners and carrying vision-obscuring cargo. Complementing this, team members can carry personal sensors that synchronise with the forklift’s sensor, alerting the operator whenever necessary.


Proximity Gates

In warehouse safety, providing a clear separation between pedestrian and forklift zones is a safety staple. This is why we offer products like our heavy-duty forklift pedestrian segregation safety barrier.

Yet, in some warehouses, it is impossible for pedestrians and forklifts to be completely separated at all times. Practicalities dictate occasional overlap—during cargo loading or unloading in a shared space, for instance. 

For these instances, accessible gates are a must and proximity gates are a great aid. Seamlessly facilitating entrances and exits, these gates maintain essential segregation. In contrast to manual gates, proximity gates conserve time and bolster security through automatic locking. We are proud to offer additional lock automation, flashing lights, and motion sensors for pedestrian safety barriers. These are all great ways to improve safety for forklift zones both inside and outside.

Find Your Warehouse Safety Solution Today

At Warehouse Safety Solutions we strive to understand the unique demands of modern warehouses. Our proximity sensors and automated gates are just a few examples of the innovative safety enhancements we offer. Enhance your warehouse security today with solutions that prioritise both safety and efficiency. We constantly expand our product range to make it easier for our customers to source warehouse safety equipment.

What sets us apart from other warehouse safety providers is that we design, manufacture, and install our products and solutions. With years of experience in the warehouse safety system industry, we fully comprehend the safety concerns and Australian Standards requirements. Our team can provide practical and realistic advice to assist with your specific warehouse safety needs.

Contact us at 0397203675 today to learn more about how Warehouse Safety Solutions can assist you with your safety and security requirements.

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