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Warehouse Safety: The Hidden Dangers

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Warehouse Safety
Apr, 2020

Warehouses are dynamic places with a lot of machinery and movement taking place on a daily basis. While these things are essential for effective productivity, there are also hazards that come with the use of machinery. Especially when in an environment with pedestrians and other employees. Workplace and warehouse safety is not something to be overlooked. Therefore, it is necessary to understand some of the hidden hazards and how you can make use of safety equipment to avoid them. From safety rails Sydney to mezzanine floors Melbourne the WSS team can help you get the right equipment installed properly. 

The probability of falls in a warehouse environment is often overlooked because most of the work in warehouses happens on ground level. However, there is a probability of falls in many scenarios yet often there aren’t enough arrangements to avoid falls. 

There are many times when workers will have to climb to a height to reach things. This simple task can lead to disaster with one wrong foot or lack of safety equipment. There are multiple risks associated with this type of work. Warehouse administration should make sure that there is always some form of suitable platform to lift workers up safely. Another way to safeguard workers from falls is by providing adequate safety rails Melbourne anywhere they may need to access. Failing to do either of these will pose a threat to employee safety and wellbeing.

If your warehouse utilises vehicles then the hazard of collisions should not be overlooked. This hazard has a high probability of occurrence because of the fast movement of forklifts and heavy machinery moving through the warehouse. Often it is a loud environment and workers operating machinery on the ground or workers driving vehicles may not see or hear each other.  This is why it’s incredibly important to put the right safety measures in place surrounding pedestrians and vehicles.

This includes dedicated and sanctioned areas for each to operate safely in. Areas in which the two need to inhibit should be properly installed with safety markings, railings, and gates.

Train your forklift operators to stop at intersections, use provided mirrors to look around, keep a safe distance from other machines, drive at a safe speed, and make sure that any kind of spills or obstacles are removed from their path immediately. 

There is always a room for human error, this often happens because of fatigue. Therefore, it is necessary to make sure that all workers have adequate breaks and are not being overworked. 

Another way you can minimise the hidden dangers in a warehouse is with bollards, barricades, barriers, and walkways. Bollards will act as guards for pedestrian workers. In addition to bollards, metal walkways can also help in defining a safe space for pedestrian traffic in the warehouse and separating paths for forklifts and workers.

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